Aero Skis by Blister

Aero Skis by Blister

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"Some of Crested Butte’s famous steeps recently started opening, and I think that’s where I’m really going to like the Aero, as opposed to super tight, big bumps. The ski’s low swing weight, strong flex around the middle of the ski, and relatively easy maneuverability all seem like things that’d add up to a ski that I’d love for making quick, slashy turns down steep terrain that’s not totally moguled-up. I’ll update this review later on if I end up with any new thoughts on this as more terrain continues to open."

- Luke Koppa / Blister / 5’8”, 155 lbs / 173 cm, 70 kg

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The Bottom Line from Blister

"The Season Aero ski is a tough one to neatly place into an established category. It feels strong, pretty precise on edge, and encourages the skier to push it hard. But it’s twinned tail, progressive mount point, and more symmetrical design also make it feel quite playful. It’s fairly light and quick, but feels surprisingly substantial for its weight."

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