Nexus Skis by Blister

Nexus Skis by Blister

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"With the Nexus ski, Season Equipment and Eric Pollard have maintained some aspects of ski design that we’ve come to expect from Eric but also made some significant changes that make us really curious about this new ski."

- Luke Koppa / Blister / 5’8”, 155 lbs / 173 cm, 70 kg

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The Bottom Line from Blister

"The Season Nexus is designed to “perform every day, in all conditions.” And for the most part, it accomplishes that goal. It’s a ski that rarely feels out of place because of conditions or terrain, and especially for those who prefer a more balanced, playful ski, it’d make for a very good daily driver. And while it suits a playful skiiing style really well, it still offers good enough suspension and support to be pushed pretty hard when you feel like it."

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