we're a climate neutral certified brand

we're a climate neutral certified brand

Since day 1, we've been committed to running our business in a climate-responsible manner is. This commitment was a first step and we're now proud to announce that we're officially the first ski and snowboard brand to be Climate Neutral Certified.

Throughout the past year we’ve been working with Climate Neutral to measure our 2020 carbon emissions, offset our entire footprint by investing in climate change solutions, and launch a plan to reduce our emissions this year and beyond.

What does being Climate Neutral Certified Mean? 

Every brand is certified based on the Climate Neutral Standards. The Climate Neutral Certified label communicates, "we're a brand that is taking immediate and rigorous climate action." Brands with Climate Neutral labeling measure and offset all of the emissions it takes to run their business, produce products or services, and deliver them to customers. All certified brands are also working to reduce their carbon footprint. It's not a single race; it's a lifetime of measuring, offsetting, and reducing.  

Season's entire "cradle to customer" brand-level operations are covered, including all upstream product emissions, shipping emissions, and corporate overhead emissions such as business travel and utilities at the office. The only thing not included is emissions from the use and disposal of your products.

Action: What We're Doing to be Climate Neutral

Promoting longevity - Via our product design and communication, our aim is to start the conversation to buck the trend of annual consumer culture. By producing timeless graphics (not new ones every year) and offering incentives to keep your gear longer, we don't have to make more year in and year out. 

Keeping it local - Pandemic or no we keep travel to a minimum. We'll be putting an emphasis on sourcing imagery from local photographers, videographers and athletes. Travel is a part of business operations and unavoidable but we will be critical of the necessity.  

How we measure, offset, and plan to reduce our emissions

We use our 2020 operational data to estimate its carbon footprint for the year. Travel, shipping, meetings, equipment is all measured to see our carbon footprint.

The entire carbon footprint was offset using verified carbon credits. Carbon Credits for 2020 totaled 108 tCO2e


Initiative #1 - Optimize Freight

We will strive to reduce or eliminate airfreight for production products from overseas factories and know that wavering on designs means creating a crunch in time to get products to market, which will mean air shipments to make up for the lost time. We'll reduce these situations of shifting to air freight by being conscious of the importance of being on schedule for prototypes and factory timelines.

Initiative #2 - Reevaluate & Re-Imagine packaging 

There's so much plastic that gets tossed when you're delivering products; it sucks and needs to be addressed. A simplified line of equipment gives us the bandwidth to audit our entire line and re-imagine solutions that don't involve all that plastic. Eliminating poly bags for our apparel products is a start. We're committed to more research and developing solutions for less cumbersome and reusable packaging to ship skis and snowboards.

For more info please visit climateneutral.org and reach out to us on social or at info@seasoneqpt.com to keep the conversation going.