Decide Where to Mount Your Season Skis

Decide Where to Mount Your Season Skis

As you can see from the printing in the center of our skis, they are designed to have a range of different mounting positions, allowing skiers to adjust the binding placement to suit their specific needs and preferences.

See the information below for your consideration and don't hesitate to reach our to us or ask a shop tech about what mounting position would be best for you. 

    benefits of different mounting positions

    1. Center-mounted skis are balanced and symmetrical, making them ideal for freestyle skiing and park riding. They provide excellent stability when landing jumps and spinning in the air.

    2. Forward-mounted from our reccomended line provide more leverage over the tips, which makes them easier to turn and control. This makes them suitable for beginners or those who prefer a more playful ski.

    3. Rear-mounted from our recommended line provide more leverage over the tails, which makes them more stable at high speeds and in steep terrain. They are ideal for advanced skiers who want maximum control and stability.

    drill bit for use per ski model

    1. Aero: 4.1mm x 9.5mm
    2. Kin: 3.6mm x 9.5
    3. Nexus: 3.6mm x 9.5mm
    4. Pass: 3.6mm x 9.5mm
    5. Forma: 3.6mm x 9.5mm

    recommended brake width range per ski model

    Any alpine, touring, or telemark ski binding will work on all our our skis depending on your price range and preferences. 

    1. Aero: 95mm to 105mm
    2. Kin: 100mm to 110mm
    3. Nexus: 105mm to 115mm
    4. Pass: 115mm to 135mm
    5. Forma: 115mm to 135mm

    to consider

    1. If you don't know, don't go. Mounting your own skis and not by a certified shop technician voids your warranty and you could easily regret the decision. 
    2. Repeat, don't mount your own skis. If you're near an evo or Rhythm Service center you get the service for free with purchase so please take advantage of that.