Make a Splitboard Yourself

Make a Splitboard Yourself

So you have an old snowboard you love to ride and want to take it into the backcountry, void the warranty and save some money by not investing in a factory built splitboard?

Here's list of steps on how to make a splitboard out of a normal snowboard:

  1. Purchase a splitboard conversion kit: Splitboard conversion kits are designed to split a regular snowboard into two halves that can be attached to climbing skins to facilitate uphill travel.

  2. Gather the necessary tools: To install a splitboard conversion kit, you will need a set of basic tools, including a screwdriver, drill, jigsaw, and file.

  3. Mark the centerline of the snowboard: Use a measuring tape to locate the center of the snowboard's length and mark it with a pencil.

  4. Cut the snowboard in half: Using a jigsaw, cut along the centerline to split the snowboard in half. Ensure that the cut is straight and precise, as any deviation can affect the performance of the board.

  5. Sand the edges of the split: Use a file or sandpaper to smooth the edges of the split to remove any rough edges or burrs.

  6. Install the binding interface plates: The conversion kit will come with binding interface plates that attach to the splitboard. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the plates onto each half of the splitboard.

  7. Install the clips and pins: The conversion kit will also come with clips and pins that hold the two halves of the splitboard together. Attach the clips and pins to each half of the splitboard, making sure they are securely fastened.

  8. Install the climbing skin hardware: To use the splitboard for uphill travel, you will need to attach climbing skins to the base of each half. Install the climbing skin hardware as per the manufacturer's instructions.

  9. Adjust your bindings: Mount the bindings onto the binding interface plates and adjust them according to your stance and riding style.

  10. Test your new split: Once you have completed all the steps, test the splitboard to ensure that it is functional and performs well on snow. Make any necessary adjustments before taking it out for a backcountry adventure.

With these steps, you can convert a normal snowboard into a splitboard and enjoy the unique experience of backcountry snowboarding. Remember, splitboarding requires specialized equipment and knowledge of backcountry travel, so be sure to take a safety course and always travel with a partner.