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conny & manu

This couple has built a life around snowboarding and continues to as their lives evolve. Working at a fashion agency now, Conny Bernert founded Lipstick Productions, one of the first all-female snowboard crews and produced film parts for years. Her husband Manu, also a high-level rider, represents brands like DC and Union while working as an IT Technician.

Raising a family, they've been weaving the next generation into their mountain lives. Their latest chapter may have gotten more potent (and busy), but snowboarding remains a priority. Whether it be a deep morning when the kids are at kindergarten or a sunny family day.

They are riding on the aptly named Kin Snowboard (kin means family), enjoy some moments with Manu, Conny, and their growing family. Photos were taken over a few days by friend and Season rider Lena Stoffel at Nordkette, high above their home in Innsbruck, Austria.