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moni & rainer

Skiing has been a constant in my parents' lives through tough and good times. Both retired sports teachers now, their interests were always to be active. As state-approved ski teachers; my brother and I couldn't have wished for better parents (and now grandparents) to teach us skiing and instill their passionate drive.

At home, they have always been very creative. My mum in her artwork and my dad in his music, spending time learning guitar and singing. Nowadays, the winters are for chasing suitable slopes and good powder in the resort and out on easy touring terrain. They might be a bit more careful when choosing terrain. In general and in skiing, they love this slow approach, keeping their minds and bodies fit.

Moni is skiing on the forma and Rainer is on the nexus. Film, words and 32mm photos were captured in the Alps by Moni and Rainer's daughter, Lena Stoffel.