Forma Skis by Blister

Forma Skis by Blister

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"I’ll keep it brief — the Forma is one of my personal favorite skis for fresh snow."

- Luke Koppa / Blister / 5’8”, 155 lbs / 173 cm, 70 kg

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The Bottom Line from Blister

"These days, you’ve got seemingly endless options to choose from when looking for a new pair of skis. And many of them are quite good for the right skiers. But it’s always fun when we get on something that feels distinctly different from the other choices out there, and that’s the case with the Season Forma. In soft snow, it feels exceptionally surfy and maneuverable, it’s still versatile enough to enjoy in shallower or more chopped-up snow, and it’s one of those skis that legitimately made me look at the terrain I ski every day in a new way."

Here are some highlights of the Forma Skis and click here for the full review.