Forma Snowboard Board Archive Powder Test

Forma Snowboard Board Archive Powder Test

TJ from the Board Archive has a grand ole time on the Forma Snowboard in the powdery backcountry of Colorado.


TJ and his buddy Bo headed out to a local spot to test the powder performance of the snowboard, with the original plan being to capture shots for the review. However, due to recent snowfall of about 10 inches over the last two days and sunny weather, they decided to showcase the snowboard's capabilities in the powder conditions.

The first lap on the snowboard revealed that the snow conditions were variable, with some areas having over a foot of light, dry powder but occasionally encountering crust. TJ praised the Season Equipment Forma, describing it as a powder-focused fish style snowboard, and mentioned that it was performing exceptionally well, staying unsinkable in the powder and being nimble for quick turns with minimal effort.

The snowboarding session continued throughout the day, and they took multiple laps, enjoying the deep powder in different zones. The Forma's ability to power through variable snow and crust was highlighted as one of its strengths. TJ also mentioned that he was riding the 153 cm size of the Forma, and he weighed around 150 pounds.

Towards the end of the day, TJ expressed his satisfaction with the snowboard's performance and the ideal conditions they were experiencing – a rare combination of a foot of fresh snow and sunny weather. The review concluded by inviting viewers to check out the Forma's specifications for themselves.

Overall, the review showcased the Season Equipment Forma Snowboard's excellent performance in powder conditions, praising its ability to float and maneuver effortlessly in deep snow.