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mountain savvy avalanche course

Mountain Savvy's founder, Glenn Kessler, started teaching avalanche safety courses 20 years ago as a way to mentor backcountry skiers and snowboarders and help the local community enjoy the backcountry in a safer, more responsible way. Every Fall and winter they have been teaching all types of folks. From first time courses to multi-day advanced deep dives, they create a safe and fun atmosphere to learn from the best and help prepare each new generation of backcountry traveler with the knowledge for what you may encounter in the mountains.

In 2014, Glenn brought aboard two new partners to help fill the demand for avalanche education, Wes Baumann and Dave Watson. Both men are professional ski patrollers logging countless hours in avalanche terrain.

On an mixed weather day last winter, co-founder Eric Pollard and friends when out with Wes to refresh their skills and learn a few more. If you're thinking about heading into the backcountry be prepared with a course and a lifetime of learning. Click here to see what Mountain Savvy has to offer if you're in the Pacific Northwest.

Photos by co-founder Eric Pollard while riding the new lightweight Pass Skis