Insights: New Snowboard Construction with Bio-Resin Epoxy

Insights: New Snowboard Construction with Bio-Resin Epoxy

We're committed to helping you ride longer and reduce waste. Our new bio-resin epoxy is a major stride toward creating the most durable, environmentally responsible boards.

More Strength with a New Bio-Resin Epoxy Formula

Experience an advancement in snowboard technology. Our new epoxy formula boosts board strength by an impressive 30%, setting a new industry standard.

Groundbreaking Bio-Resin Epoxy

Our 100% bio-resin epoxy is a revolution in board construction. It matches the performance of traditional epoxy while boasting a 33% smaller carbon footprint, thanks to its plant-based composition.

A Dynamic Resin and Hardener Duo

The bio-resin epoxy consists of a resin and hardener. When combined, the hardener catalyzes the resin, unlocking the epoxy's full bonding potential. Our updated epoxy hardener has been rigorously tested, delivering a remarkable 30% increase in strength.

Proven Performance, Unmatched Durability

In standardized testing, Season Snowboards equipped with the new epoxy outperformed all major competitors. The strongest competitor's board fell short by 5%, while the weakest gave out by 20%. Most other brands' boards showed a 15% deficit.